Portfolio Piece (Week 4) Final Submission

This week we had to complete our first personal project and present it in engine. The amount of stuff that I learnt from this project was immense. The toughest problem I faced was re-creating clean reflections and textures while keeping the lighting of the scene intact.
For reflections I tried creating a warped normal map in Substance Designer and blend it with asset's normal but it didn't work so I ended up hand painting the height and adding height map to the objects. For reflections, I learnt that lighting metals is a really tough job if the scene is an interior scene. Hence I cheated my way and took the forbidden path of giving a decimal value to metallic. This gave me desired results.Even though I wanted to work with Ray tracing, but it was so costly that I had to shy away from it as of now. I will work a little more on this scene and try to get the seat cushions right. After that I will be able to call my scene complete.

Unreal Engine 4

Detail lighting

Modular Pieces

VR Sprint 2

For this sprint I had to complete the sculpt for the tree and texture for the wagon:

Tree reference

Tree sculpt

Tree sculpt

Tree trunk texture

Texture reference

Textured wagon

Wagon palette created by Vanna (art lead)

Portfolio Piece (week 3)

This week I took all the pieces to zbrush and high res them and made the files ready for baking. 

Portfolio Piece (week 2)

This week I was supposed to get my scene set up in Maya and UE4 along with a lighting pass in the engine. Then take those block out/game res portions to high res (as many pieces as possible). I was able to get the game res pieces in Maya and set up a scene in Maya and UE4 along with lighting. I did up res the pieces in Maya and took them to Zbrush. I even did UVs for the pieces.

The following are the shots of the scene:

Arnold Renderer Maya:

UVs in Maya:

Scene in UE4:

VR Sprint 1 (Summer Semester)

This semester around we have to pick up the VR experience from where we left it the last time. We have to bake and finalise all assets and polish our experience for final presentation. This all starts with setting up a schedule for all the members on the team and assigning tasks. This is the schedule we finalised as a team. 

My specific tasks and its breakdown is below:

For the first task that was supposed to be done by May 25, I textured the jar and below is the picture for the same along with the references:

Sprint 1

Glass Jar

Sprint 2:

Wagon texture 


I did do a basic coat of texturing but I do not like how the wagon looks compared to the reference image and I plan to do it again and be closer to reference as much as possible


Tree Sculpt

Portfolio Piece 1 (Setting up references and finalising project)

First class of this semester and we are delighted that we will be working on personal projects for this semester. Since I want to do environment art I chose this environment piece that I wanted to do for a long time now. This subway scene has really interesting lighting and brings forth the idea of creating modular pieces. The main reference image that I will try to re-create is below: 

I gathered some other references for inside of the train:

There was a subway train artwork done by Clinton Crump on artstation. I got references from that as well:

For the same I think I will follow the following workflow:

Week 1
 - Proxy/Block out the environment

Week 2

- Complete block out in Maya and set up in UE4

- Start high res for the pieces

Week 3 

- Complete high res and bakes

- Start texturing

Week 4

- Complete texturing

- Presenting in UE4

Progress after week 1

A screenshot of the block out from UE4

Ship Interior Environment (Part 3)

This week we had to bake the assets that we have made proxy and high res for. This is how my bakes for the same came out:

For the bakes I realised that I had combined objects and bakes were being overlapped. Like for the barrel the metal part was overlapping on the wood. Hence I separated objects as per the material they will get and then textured them (as in keeping all metal together and all wood together etc.)

This is how my first pass of texture came out:

Common Art Sprint 7

For this sprint we had to finalise our submission and compile the whole project to a point where we do not add any new assets next semester.
For the same, I created animation for Seita and Setsuko and set up the sequencer. I even added a variation of tree and foliage onto the map. The final scene looked like this:

I brought the animation from Maya to UE4 and completed the end sequence of our experience. The final experience looked like below:

Ship Interior Environment (Part 2)

This week we were supposed to complete high res for our proxy assets that we completed last week. I was in-charge of the barrel and the staircase. So for this week I added detail on the barrel wood as I added cracks and slashes to make it look close to wooden texture. To give it slightly grainy look I used the skin brush to add texture on the wood. For the circular rings around I added a hammered metal texture using the Orb brush. The barrel looked like below in the end:

For the stairs I wasn't sure what I should sculpt because generally the handle bars and the sides of the stairs are plain. So I added a little sculpt detail on the steps and a little information on the handle. I will add information during texturing in Substance painter so that it looks like wood. As of now the staircase look like below:

Ship Interior Environment (Week 1)

This week we started working on a ship interior environment as a group of 5. We were given an already established scene in UE4 but the catch was to export the given shapes and make your own proxies and then start a high res for the same. We were told to follow Orb's style of shapes and detail for all the meshes and objects we create. I was assigned floor tiles with textures initially but then we worked out the assignments and I got barrel and staircase. I gathered some references for wooden barrels which look as following:

Using the references I created the low res/proxy:

As for the staircase, to keep the style consistent I went for wooden staircase references and went onto create a proxy using the following references:

Using the above references I created a proxy for the staircase which looks like below:

 I ended up replacing the actors in the UE4 scene by simply placing the meshes in the content browser and using the replace option to quickly replace the meshes at the exact same spot.

Common art sprint 6

For this week I worked on setting up lighting for the scene. I added fog and a spot light to create a moonlight effect and remove the visible horizon line. I cleaned up the sequencer a little bit and added UI buttons in the end of the experience. I did some changes to the scale of the objects.
Other than that I worked on doing skinning improvements on our characters and started with animation of one of the two characters.

The UI and the moon light
Character skinning

Starfish Character (Week 4)

This week we were supposed to texture our character and pose them for final render. I couldn't pose them because my laptop decided to die on me (third time) but I was lucky I did the textures. This is how my textures came out:

Starfish character (week 3)

This week we were supposed to create a game res of the character and get a bake of the high res sculpt on the game res. The poly count limit was 15k, my game res came out around 14.5k.