VR Sprint (week 5)

For this sprint I completed the animation and the sequencer:

Portfolio Piece 3 (week 3)

For this week, I finished my sculpt and went onto baking the high res of the ward on to the low res. I pushed the ice a little more first because I feel that is one part of the project that is the most interesting and if that pans out well, everything will fall right in place. Hence I created a base texture for the ice and I will work my up from here to add wear to it so as to break the surface and make it more interesting.
As of now, I have done my bakes in Substance Painter, but I will switch to Marmoset soon and create my bakes and textures in it.
My final sculpt came out better than I had expected as I was quite nervous about how I will get the details in. This is how my final sculpt looks like:


This is how my bake came out for the ice: